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Ants of Education

Erasmus+ Project

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The objective of Ants of Education project is to inform, encourage and support schools to tackle on ESL (Early School Leaving) and also to offer the teachers a good opportunity to discuss social issues concerning curricula.

Today, lack of social activities decrease the students’ interest in school. They get tired quickly while listening to lessons and cannot throw their energy away as they have to stay indoors. At home, students spend most of their time in front of a computer and this prevents them from socializing. The virtual world and life outside school are more attractive for them. So, a great rebellion and disregard for the school environment and humanity are observed among students.

Economic and social problems, uneducated parents and inadequate schools reduce the students’ interest and cause ESL. Students with economic problems prefer working instead of going to school because these problems are the obstacles to spend an effort on learning. We should try to involve such students into the education and society again.

Our project brings innovative methods and attitudes towards ESL. It is not focused only on ESL itself but deals with different social matters which are tightly connected with ESL but often remains out of sight. All schools teach various subjects but there is no subject called "Being an Individual". School education provides knowledge, at the same time it also shapes the way the students think and models the way they respond to the outer world. Therefore, our project will involve not only standard school education but also informal methods and activities as a tool.

Teachers are lost in heavy curriculum, not able to follow the effective teaching methods and developments in the world closely due to the fact that there is not enough opportunity to self-improvement. So, lessons generally remain rather theoretical and miss the connection to the real world.

Professional sharing among teachers reduced excessively and teaching profession lost its prestige. Moreover, teachers lost their former dignity and they need to regain it. Therefore, they should be introduced to different techniques and given opportunities to practise different systems in place to develop themselves.

Some parents do not believe in the necessity of education and the ability of their children and do not understand their children because their education level is low. They are unwilling to send their children to school. So, an active participation of parents in school management should be provided to increase the quality of education.

All these reasons are the common problems of all partners in this partnership. The overall objective of our project is to bring together the experience in these fields in different countries in order to investigate the reasons of these issues as we believe that a quality school will create the quality of teachers, students and parents and then, this will lead to minimalize the ESL problem.




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